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My blog consists of pictures of various plants and gardens. On the left side of the screen you can roll my texts where the plants are identified. I do this blog concerning identification of plants. On the right side of the screen and down below you can see pictures with click-windows on them. By clicking them you can go to other websights and new garden views.

sunnuntai 26. kesäkuuta 2011

Papaver orientale

Papaver orientale idänunikko tuntematon lajike, kylvin valkokukkaisia

perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011


Leucanthemum vulgare päivänkakkara

Allium christophii tähtilaukka
Allium atropurpureum viinilaukka

maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

Cutting the grass

I was cutting the grass.
Here is my phone after working.
It seems to me that the sim card is still whole.
I will look for some old phone from the house.
Don't call me now.

June 19th It's raining, sataa vettä

Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' lumipalloheisi
Aquilegia vulgaris lehtoakileija
Ginkgo biloba neidonhiuspuu

Working and lisening to Mari Boine

tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2011

Chelsea 2011 comments

I found it all, the soil, the sun and the rain. It was thundering every now and then. Sun shined behind clouds and sometimes the sky was clear.  Light was absolutely fabulous after rain. Weather was rather windy. Plants bent when it was blowing on and because of heavy raindrops. I get good connection with the soil also. I was sitting on the ground when I took photos. This I learned from professionals. 
stinapyrro tuesday 14 June

These Chelsea gardens are defying nature's way
''Looked at one way, this is the climax of the gardening year. Looked at another way, though, it's almost the antithesis of what gardening is about. For if gardening is about understanding the soil, adapting to the terrain and working with the seasons, the Chelsea Flower Show defies it.''

David Sexton
London Evening Standard tuesday 24 may

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Marketanmarkkinat 11.6.

Unohdin, että tietysti mainostan kirjaa
Puutarhan vihreä vuosi
Trädgårdens Gröna År
The Green Year of The Garden

Olen kirjan kanssa Marketanmarkkinoilla ensi lauantaina.
Paikka on Infopisteessä. Espoossa on luvassa lämpöistä.
Täytyypä hankkia kesähattu.

Fiskars in Chelsea

I don't advertise in this garden blog. But. We have nothing in Finland, if Nokia is gone; Except finnish gardening brand Fiskars. I sincerely work with firskars tools. It's a brand affordable enough for everybody. And I like the colors. I find tools in my garden after working. They are long-lasting also, even if I do hard work in my garden. I do have Burgon & Balls also, mostly for props.

I don't get money or tools for this fiskars picture. If  I advertise here, I do it for my friends, who are mostly freelancers. I was just so proud of being finnish gardener in Chelsea. To be proud of being finnish is uncommon recently.

En mainosta blogissani. Jos mainostan, niin ystäviäni, jotka ovat enimmäkseen freelansereita ja elävät pienesti. Tässä silti Fiskarsin Chelsea -osasto. Olin hetken ylpeä suomalaisuudesta, mikä on harvinaista näinä aikoina.

perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2011

gardening is to be there

Syringa vulgaris pihasyreeni
Trollius europaeus kullero
Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker' ripsialpi
Fothergilla major höyhenpensas


Little Otto once said ''I have it all''.
So do I, understood that after Chelsea.
I tought that i blow away my compost corner some day, but i will not.
It's now the The Artists Garden and also The Childrens Garden.
I will make the ground smoother with bark, for children to play there.
Artist Kim Somervuori worked in my backyard summer 2008.
More about Kim from this link

keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2011

Designer Marcus Barnett

Let's hope it's Nokiaphone. Shares are coming down just now. We have to ask help from Portugal soon. They know Finland. I visited Lisbon while a go. Nice and beautyful people. They didn't smile so much, when we told, where we are from. World is not small, Finland is.

Marcus Barnett is one of the medalist in Chelsea 2011
with Show Garden The Times Eureka Garden in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They got silver medal. I do have photos.
See you finnish press.

Jihae Hwang & her plants

Trying to find out the plants of Jihae Hwangs Garden. I'm sure I saw blue iris in her garden, but dont find it in her plant list. Hmm. Was it there. If you identify plants in my photos, please let me know the name. I'm wondering also, what is one grass in my Jihae pictures.

I will return to Chelsea 2011 soon;
And will introduce some designers as well.
This is to my friend Anne and other Huiskulagardeners in Finland:

Coming soon
A Postgard from Wales
Fever-Tree’s Tree House Garden
A Child’s Garden in Wales
The Times Eureka Garden in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Meanwhile working and waiting for
one editor-in-chief to visit in my garden.
And listening Lisa Ekdalh of course.