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My blog consists of pictures of various plants and gardens. On the left side of the screen you can roll my texts where the plants are identified. I do this blog concerning identification of plants. On the right side of the screen and down below you can see pictures with click-windows on them. By clicking them you can go to other websights and new garden views.

keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2012

Narcissus in Woodland Garden

perhosnarsissi Narcissus 'Chanterelle' or 'Orangery'
valkonarssi Narcissus poëticus
nunnannarsissi Narcissus 'Sun Disc'

maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Mien Ruys Garden Holland

''The three oldest gardens have been declared national monuments since October 2004. The whole Garden complex forms a local council monument.

The Mien Ruys Gardens give a chronological overview of 20th century Garden architecture. This unique heritage has been kept in its original form and illustrates all the different periods of the work of Mien Ruys.

They are experimental gardens. New combinations of plants and garden materials are tried out. In this way there are often new developments to be seen in the field of garden architecture.''

(lainaus Mien Ruys säätiön sivuilta) 

keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Floriade 2012 Holland Venlo The Willowman

Floriade press: ''For once the Willowman is making an exception and will be inviting children onto his land. Better still: they will get the chance to work on some new creations. And together they will add to the Willowman's village. The Willowman is a project that combines art and education in a unique way. With workshops and professional guidance, children will work in the woods using willow to create sculptures and giving free rein to their imaginations. The aim is to give children a sense of being involved with nature.''

Floriade 2012 Holland Venlo Jihae Wang

Floriade press: ´´This is the conceptual garden which shows the unique physiographic feature of Suncheon Bay, one of The five largest world coastal wetlands. The beauty is embroidered by the nature like a mother has sewn by hand. We hope to share the value of the disappearing wetlands and create a joint concern for something we must preserve. The designer Jihae Hwang is the Best in Artisan winner and Gold medallist of UK's prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show.´´